Thursday, December 9, 2010

silly photos and a (long) website review...

Some days, I just can't get a good photo. My cop out is just to look down and assume my feet are super interesting (they're not). Also, this coat is fabulous, especially by Faith 21 standards. I bought it in Chicago and I just love it.

(I tried to stick my  hand in my pocket all quick like, and totally failed)

So I thought I would tell you all about a new (to me) website called MyShape. But first, let me say loudly, they are not paying me to do so. MyShape does not know about this blog, and I am not being asked to do this for them. I've just had pleasant experiences, and I wanted to share my info with you all.  Also, there's an awesome coupon at the bottom of the post, so at least read that part.

So, MyShape. They're an online retailer, and I think of them as the E-Harmony of the shopping world. They ask you to create a shop for yourself, and in the process you have to answer 11 measurement questions. Based on your measurements, they assign you to a letter "shape" (M, Y, S, H, A, P, E...get it? I'm an "H", and I'd love to see what a real life "M" looks like.) Then, instead of having a sizing chart for each item/brand, they just go by your measurements and tell you whether or not the item you're interested in will fit you, and what size you should go with. Of course it helps if you already know what size you are with certain brands (I know I'm not a size 0 with Kiyonna, but then again I guessed on my measurements because I know my size most of the time).
(click to enlarge)
They also use your measurements to populate your own "shop" that you can browse through (based on items that will flatter your body shape and fit your measurements). I like it because it eliminates all of the adorable size XS Donna Ricco dresses that I love but cannot wear. Of course you can also just look at all of the items they have online.

So why am I telling you about this site? Well, I was browsing around internetland for Igigi dresses, and I kept noticing that MyShape had some of their dresses on clearance. Then when I went to the site, I saw that they also stock other plus-size brands like Kiyonna, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, and Donna Ricco (plus a ton of others-click here for a full list). Sometimes they will have something on sale or cheaper than the actual designer, other times it's more expensive. But once you sign up and have your own shop they start sending you crazy coupons (or at least they did for me). Right after I signed up I got a different coupon almost daily, and we're talking 40% off dresses one day, 40% coats another day, and so and and so forth. They even offered an extra 40% all clearance items.

So I went a little crazy with the shopping. I mean, how often does Kiyonna offer 40% off their items? NEVER! Plus, your first order nabs you free shipping (it doesn't mention that until all the way at the end of the checkout). Now, I don't know if they do this for everyone, but after my first order (which was a little, um, excessive, but under $150) they emailed me and told me I would get free shipping on all of my future orders. So of course they just made a long-term customer out of me.

In my haul I got this sweater, and 4 Kiyonna dresses. Three of the Kiyonna dresses were 40% off, and one was on super clearance for $30. Plus free shipping. Crazy! Today's sweater was also bought at 40% off.

 (Camden Tie Sweater)
(Cynthia Twist Dress)

(Vivienne Dress)

(above and below: Tory Cinch Dress)

(all photos credit)

There are a couple negatives though. First, they take forever to ship (at least to me, they're in CA and I'm in MD). Most of their Kiyonna items are actually shipped first by Kiyonna, not MyShape. I think Kiyonna sends it to Myshape, who then sends it to you. They do mention that it takes an extra amount of time to get to you, and they're not lying. I ordered today's cardigan on 11/20 and I just received it yesterday. 

I also mentioned that I ordered 4 dresses. Well about a week after I placed the dress order I got an email saying they wouldn't be able to ship one of the dresses. Of course that's a bummer because I was really looking forward to it (and I was able to buy it from Kiyonna at 30% off, but that's still annoying to deal with).

Not convinced? How about some incentive? Click here, and at the checkout you will have a $25 credit waiting for you (you have to spend at least $50 for it to apply). Plus I'll be your bestest because I'll get $25 too. :)

Whoa, that was a long review. How about some outfit details?

Cardigan: MyShape ($40, November 2010)
Gray tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Nordstrom ($29, April 2010)
Flats: Nine West Outlet ($20, July 2009)
Coat: Faith 21 ($37.80, October 2010)

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Lazy Madonna said...

I came across MyShape a couple of years ago when I was desperately trying to assign myself a shape and after I had been through all their measurements etc it turns out I am an M!

I found that a really useful tool, but don't use the site as they don't ship to Australia (or they didn't back then).

Shame they take so long to ship!

K said...

Ah, I didn't even think about international shipping. I also don't know how I haven't noticed their site in the past. So what does an "M" shape mean? I don't see how I fit into an "H" either, but I know my measurements are off :)

Lynn W said...

I'm an M. I'm pretty much an hourglass.

Linda said...

I signed up years ago but haven't really shopped there. I'll take another look. Thanks for the reminder!