Wednesday, December 8, 2010

today I'm a walking advertisement for the Ann Taylor corporation...

Hi all,

After putting on today's ensemble I realized that almost everything I'm wearing (including the necklace) came from one of Ann Taylor's stores. I'm quite pleased considering they no longer tend to stock my size in store (so much of my buying is buying online and hoping things will work out). I did throw on a red scarf and a dark brown coat, but I was too cold rushed to snap another picture.

Do you all avoid garments that require dry-cleaning? I don't usually mind because I've become such good friends with my Dryel, and during the winter I always have a coat or two to clean. So I bought these dry-clean only pants without a second thought (the clearance price definitely helped my decision). When I pulled them out of the closet I noticed that they were rather wrinkled, so I pulled out my handy Downy wrinkle releaser (I swear I'm not getting paid by any of these brands). Well, I'm a dumbass, because the wrinkles just ended up with wet spots that didn't seem to want to dry. So then I busted out my hair dryer and tried to blowdry the water spots out (it mostly worked). But I was still left with wrinkles. So in a moment of what I thought of as genius, I heated up my straightening iron and ironed out the pants. Well, apparently if you iron a small wrinkle it creates a weird white shiny residue on the pants. Or maybe it's because I was using something originally meant for hair. But anyway, I was wearing these pants today regardless of water spots and shiny white wrinkles, and I have realized that learning how to use a regular iron might be in my best interest.

Happy Wednesday!

Navy cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft ($25, December 2009)
Brown tank: Ann Taylor Loft (2010)
Pinstripe pants: Ann Taylor ($12 on clearance, December 2010)
Necklace: Ann Taylor (2007? 2008?)
Brown flats: Frye via DSW ($22ish, 2008)

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Joy said...

Throw them in the dryer next time. The heat will release the wrinkles!

I love Ann Taylor. Their stuff just fits me so well.

K said...

Joy-So you don't have to use the Dryel if you're just getting wrinkles out? I wasn't sure if it would hurt them to just go in the dryer without anything in with them. Either way thanks for the suggestion, which I will definitely try next time.

Nicole said...

If you don't use the dryer, turn them inside out before ironing. helps with the shiny stuff happening.

Allison said...

Gah! I hate it when my iron does that. I wondered if it was the ironing board pad...
I have used my flat-iron on cuffs and collars before ;)

K said...

Nicole-Good to know, thanks! I usually avoid irons because I tend to burn the crap out of things, but one day I will have to learn.

Allison-I'm glad I'm not the only one to use the flat iron in that way :)

Joy said...

K, I will actually wash things that say dry clean only! Most of the time, it won't hurt the garment, especially if you use Woolite and put it on the delicate cycle.

The dryer is the best for getting wrinkles out if you don't want to iron. I hate to iron, but I do it every single day!