Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another day of phoning it in...

Hi all,

I've had a rough couple of days. Sometimes family problems just seem like they'll never go away. I figured wearing the traveling scarf may help improve my mood.

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I hope you all are having a good Thursday. I'm feeling (not so) adorable so I'll leave you with a much cuter cat picture. I bought Katy a cat bed...

And I had to force her into it (hah try forcing a cat to do anything). I've already returned it, and when the cashier asked if there was something wrong with the bed I replied "No, my cat is just an asshole."

(she reminds me of a the rescue...yeah...)

Floral cardigan: Ann Taylor Outlet ($28.79, July 2010)
Navy top: Old Navy ($11.55, August 2010)
Jeans: Calvin Klein ($48, January 2010)
Black flats: Frye via DSW ($55ish, November 2008)
Necklace: Chico's Outlet (gifted, July 2010)
Scarf: Kimberly/Affordable Scarves
Jacket: Faith 21 ($34, October 2010)

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Lynn W said...

My cat took a couple of weeks to warm up to her new bed, but now she spends equal time between it and our bed.

Iris said...

My cat wouldn't sleep in his cat bed either, those jerks!

K said...

Lynn-My cat sleeps in our bed (but not the cat bed) right up until we all decide to actually go to sleep. Then she starts running around the halls and you would think there was a herd of buffalo outside the door or something.

Iris-Seriously, jerky cats. They always have to be so independent :)

Lynn W said...

We got tired of the stomping on us, then the meowing at our bedroom door so now the cat sleeps in the spare bedroom so the people can get some rest! She has everything she needs in there (toys, another bed, food/water, potty). She asks to go to bed at night, I think she enjoys the time away from us as much as we enjoy it away from her!