Thursday, January 6, 2011

attempting to cut back...

Good afternoon all,

Did anyone watch Tuesday's What Not to Wear? I was happy they finally had someone that was likeable (the last two were hard for me to watch for some reason) and thankfully she really wanted to be there. While they were throwing away her clothes they brought out a pair of black pants, which the girl was trying to pass off as work pants. Stacy and Clinton pointed out that anything that doesn't have buttons or a zipper is not considered a work pant. Well, I think they're wrong, because my amazing pull-on pants don't fall into their definition of work pants, but no one's kicked me out of my office yet. At least they don't have a drawstring waist (although I wouldn't be opposed to that either) :)

I hope you all have a lovely Thursday!

Cardi: Old Navy ($15.75, July 2010)
Gray cowl neck: Ann Taylor ($22, December 2010)
Black pants: NY & Co ($20, October 2009)
Patent black boots: 2008?
Necklace: American Eagle (2008)
Earrings: Target ($10.99, December 2010)
Bag: Naturalizer ($26, December 2010)

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Work With What You've Got said...

I disagree with Clinton and Stacey A LOT. About me, about you, about a LOT. I'm not saying they are never right but I am pretty sure they would poo poo the AMAZEBALLS tie dye black and grey skin tight jeggings I'm about to wear tomorrow and they can suck it. I look good. YOU look great. Shut the front door!

Linda said...

I have taken Stacy & Clinton's no button or zipper advice to heart. More because pants without buttons or zippers are unflattering on me. But fashion has no rules except to have fun and enjoy it.

Branka said...

I ignore some of their rules, however I have taken no button or zipper advice to heart as well. Mostly because elastic waist or God forbid drawstring waist is only accepted for sweatpants. But your pants look great on you nonetheless.

Sarah R said...

I agree on What Not To Wear. Do they tell the winners (contestants?) to be rude uppity whiners? I love the show, but have difficulty watching it at times because I have a hard time abiding rudeness of any sort. If they offered me 5 grand to spend on clothes, I'm pretty sure I'd be grateful and willing to learn.

Iris said...

Normally I agree with Stacey and Clinton's fundamentals but, this I disagree with my favorite pair of black pants have no zipper or buttons and they are perfectly acceptable for work!

Dustin said...

Every time Stacey drops a "Shut the front door", my toenails curl back (not that you aren't there to witness this, K).

I often think Stacey and Clinton could learn a lot from you. Just because they have 28 cameras, lighting, a guy fetching them diet yogurt, etc. doesn't mean for a second that their style judgement calls are sharper than your own.

Yes, diet yogurt.

tallgirlblogging said...

I think you look great - and buttons and zippers? Overrated!
I really like your jewelry!

Lazy Madonna said...

I would ignore that advice. If you hadn't told us, I would never have guessed that your pants had no buttons or zip. In fact, wondering whether they did or not wouldn't even have crossed my mind!

I don't think I've ever seen the Stacy and Clinton version of WNTW over here.

K said...

Erin-I actually snorted soda out of my nose. You're too funny. I'm going to incorporate amazeballs into my daily vocab from now on. And thank you for the nice comment :) You rock those tie dye leggings!

Linda-I think I was just sad to think that if I were on the show they'd be throwing away half my dress pants :)

Branka-Thank you :)

Sarah-I completely agree with you. I don't know if they edit the clips to make it look like the contestants are ungrateful and annoying, but it's really gotten on my nerves with the newest season. If my wardrobe only consisted of sweatpants, body issue images aside, I would be completely grateful for $5000 to fix my wardrobe :)

Iris-I'm glad I'm not alone with my pull-on pants :) Thank you for sharing!

Tallgirl-Thank you! I need to wear that bird necklace more often.

L. Madonna-I'm not sure if there is an overseas version. I'm also not sure how I got hooked on it, but I just love how Stacy and Clinton interact (and some of the fashion advice, of course). As for the pull-on pants, I think I'm ok as long as I don't tuck shirts into them. It's not obvious at all :)