Tuesday, January 4, 2011

great pants and my tablecloth top.

(truth-this picture has been lightened)

Hey all,

This has been said before, but damn I love these pants! I'm wearing my second pair of them today :) The new shoes, however, are killing me. They're just pointy enough to crush the life out of my pinky toes, so I brought a pair of red flats to work as a backup.

So how about a story about this dress/shirt? I promise it won't be long. Hopefully I haven't told it already. So this dress-I saw it at Ann Taylor Loft (of course) many moons ago while I was out shopping with a friend. I picked it off the rack and looked over at my friend to ask her opinion. Her face was all contorted, as if she had stepped in shit. I insisted on trying it on, and she just made fun of me and said it looked like I was wearing a giant tablecloth. Because the dress wasn't on sale, and I didn't want anyone to start setting glasses or utensils on me, I put it back on the rack. Months later I was at a different ATL with my boyfriend and I saw the dress on clearance for $6. In petites. So I bought it, thinking a shorter length would be less tablecloth-like, and I still love it. And that's the story of the tablecloth dress (but I can only wear it as a shirt at work...damn petites heh).

Happy Tuesday all!

Top: Ann Taylor Loft ($6, 2008)
Pants: Ann Taylor ($16, November 2010)
Red heels: 6pm ($19.95, December 2010)
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft ($12, September 2010)

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Work With What You've Got said...

lol. I am always wondering if I already told a story on the blog. I can never remember and I am NOT looking it up.

I love it! I don't see a tablecloth at all! <3

Iris said...

I like the idea of buying in petites for shirts, I don't think it looks super tablecloth-y and it was such a great steal :)

Linda said...

I love the shoes. Too bad they pinch your toes. Fantastic color.
I like the top. Very resort wear!

K said...

Erin-My thoughts exactly. I'm not going back to look. Perhaps I should make a stories tag. I'm happy you like the top :)

Iris-Agreed, I couldn't argue with that price. I think I could get by with leggings or opaque tights, just not for work. :)

Linda-They're getting slightly better as the day goes on. Or maybe my feet are just going totally numb with pain...I think the brand tends to run narrow (Enzo Angiolini) so I'll know for next time. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Missy said...

I am terrified to wear longer tops, being only 5'4. I always hear Stacy & Clinton telling me not to wear longer tops if shorter. Yet, you proved 'em wrong. I *love* this shirt, myself!!!

Joy said...

I don't think it looks like a tablecloth at all! I love it and it looks great with those pants and the red shoes!

Lesa said...

I am loving your "tablecloth" shirt, I was just going to comment on your latest entry, and I saw it and LOVED

Ariana said...

Those pants look great, they're the perfect slim, but not too skinny leg! Do you happen to remember what style/what they're called?

K said...

Missy-I also never thought I would get into the whole tunic trend (or the skinny pant one either) but now I own numerous long tops. I'm still wary of pairing them with leggings because I'm convinced my butt is always sticking out (hah, sorry for the mental image) but you should try it! :)

Joy-Thank you thank you :)I think my friend was just not a fan of the pattern.

Lesa-Thank you :)

Ariana-Thanks! I've decided I want to be buried in these pants (odd to say, probably). I got them at Ann Taylor (online) and they are called the "perfect skinny legging". Unfortunately they're sold out. When I was on the phone with an AT rep they said they were getting rid of this particular style.