Monday, January 3, 2011

happy (oh crap) it's 2011!

Good morning all,

How did new year's go for you all? I managed to have a terrible fight with my miserable aunt (I have two aunts in the area, one awesome, one not-so-awesome aka miserable) but D and myself managed to have a nice evening in the end. We just stayed in, watching crappy movies, and ate good food. I couldn't have asked for more.

(I wanted to show you that my hair looks a lot better after it dries)
To start off our new year right we went out to the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. They had some neat exhibits, but I fell in love with the gift shop. They had so many amazing things, and they were all super cheap! D bought me a "Day of the Dead" marriage couple (I have a small collection of DOTD stuff) and I bought him a few books he's been wanting. Then we had a lovely lunchish/dinner and looked forward to another day off. 

Did you all do anything exciting? Or not exciting? I'm open to hearing about all of it :)

Happy Monday (and new year!)

Sweater: T.J. Maxx ($15, Summer 2010)
Brown pants: Old Navy (2009)
Flats: Nine West ($34.99, October 2009)
Jacket: QVC Outlet ($7, July 2010)

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Iris said...

I am still loving your hair!

The DOTD thing is really cute. I'll have to head to that museum if I'm ever in the area. I love museums!

tallgirlblogging said...

Your hair is really nice - I like the dark colour. New Year's was pretty relaxed. A nice dinner out and then home and in pjs by 10!

Sarah R said...

New Years Eve, I spent indoors with my kids and a pint of wonton. It was the first year my youngest was able to stay up for the ball drop. He didn't find it all that interesting. We actually ended up having a long discussion about strokes because he wanted to know why Dick Clark was speaking the way he did.
On New Years Day, I went to a wedding!

Lesa said...

I have a huge DOTD collection, there are probably 75 skeletons and other things in my home.

K said...

Iris-Thanks! The museum is sort of expensive ($16, I think)...but it's worth it. I've been spoiled by all of the free DC museums :)

TallGirl-Thank you! We made it until 11:45 and then went to bed. I like waking up to a new year rather than sitting through the change. :)

Sarah-Thanks for sharing! That's funny (w/the stroke talk). I hope you enjoyed the wedding!

Lesa-I started a pseudo-collection after I got back from Mexico. It's a very interesting idea. I'm glad someone else collects them too :)