Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday = contests and joy division dresses!


Happy Monday all,

So why is this Monday so great? Half of the greatness is this dress. It was a christmas gift from D and I wanted it because it reminds me of the Joy Division cd cover pictured above. How great is that?

If that's not great enough for your Monday, how about a contest? Up for grabs is your very own *drumroll*.....scarf! Yeah, I'm not Oprah so the prize couldn't be that huge. But I've been known to throw in random goodies when I mail packages. And everyone needs another scarf. Even you Florida people!

I tried my best Vanna White impression while showing off the scarf, which only resulted in my neighbors looking at me like I was crazy while they were out walking the dog (also...lacking sanity for standing out in 20 degree weather without a jacket). I got so cold I had to put the scarf on. But I promise it's new outside of this one photo session, and if you can't see the details it's a lovely crinkle style with shades of green and blue.

So, you have two ways to win (each worth one, um, point):

1) Leave a comment on this post. 

2) Blog about this contest on your own blog, then comment here with a link to the post..

If you do both of those things (make sure to leave two separate comments if you do) you'll double your chances of winning! The contest will end at midnight on Thursday, January 13. I'll draw a winner using on Friday, January 14. International readers are more than welcome to enter.

Now on to the outfit details:

Dress: Macy's/Gifted (December 2010)
Navy tank: Ann Taylor Loft (2010)
Black tights: Spanx
Blue suede shoes: Jessica Simpson via T.J. Maxx ($40, January 2010)
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft via Ebay ($3, 2010)

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V said...

Is the dress from Macy's? I think I got the same one for Christmas too...a little gift to myself of course :)

whenlifehandsyouapear said...

Very cool dress and I love the blue suede shoes! (Hmm, I see a trip to TJ Maxx in my future...)

Sarah R said...

I love that scarf! Could have used it this week. It's been cold here. Brrrrr! I also want that dress but I guess it's not in the contest. lol

Maggie said...

I'm pretty new to your blog, but all of your dresses make me want to go out and buy tons and tons of dresses to wear!

bren said...

absolutely loving this dress! Ive mostly only worn dresses in do or die situations for most of my life. Seeing your pics makes me wanna start wearing them just because!

Bombshell Beauty said...

Verrry cute dress. You keep saying you're phoning it in these days, but I disagree. You look very cute. :)

Amblus said...

Love the dress! And the scarf. Woo.

Heather said...

Love the dress and shoes! And the scarf is lovely :)

Julie said...

I am SWOONING over your shoes. And the dress is gorgeous on you! Thanks for the blog- love checking in on your fab outfits. Love the scarf, too. Pick MEEEEE! :-)

rskmom said...

That scarf is way cool!