Wednesday, February 9, 2011

coldwater creek review

Good morning everyone,

I have a super busy day at work today, but I wanted to talk about something I mentioned last week (or the week before, I forget now)...

So, Coldwater Creek*. Of course I'm not wearing anything from the store today, but I went on a bit of a shopping spree with them over the past month and I have to say I'm really quite pleased. In my head, CC was a store for people like my mom. Well-made, casual, slightly more mature outfits for people that had some extra money to spend. In other words, I planned on shopping with them in a few years. Well my preconceived notions were totally wrong (and I am getting older, yes). I don't even know what led me to browse around the site last month but all of a sudden I was checking out with clothing galore (and a beauuutiful tablecloth for a table I don't own in an apartment I am not yet renting). I mean, right now they have 28 pages of clearance items in my size alone! So, I bought some stuff.  Rinse and repeat. And I even checked out my local CC and bought a few more things. And I have yet to wear most of it on the blog (but I have big plans, I promise).

But you know what really got me? Their customer service. I bought a beautiful tweed jacket online, but it was big (I'd say their sizing is a little generous when it comes to jackets). So I called customer service to see if I could exchange it for a smaller size. Well, they didn't have a smaller size available online so they offered to look at some of the local stores and send it to me (for free) if they found one. And if they couldn't find the size I wanted, a real live person would call me back within 2 days and let me know. On top of that I was returning some other items, and they said the return could be mailed back for free because it would be considered an exchange, even if the item in my size couldn't be found! It all turned out well because a Virginia store called me a day later and told me they had the jacket in my size, and to call them back to confirm that I still wanted it. Which I did, and I'm happy to say that it fits much better. Not to mention everyone I spoke to was just super nice and really pleasant. It's such a change from some of the crappier retail experiences I've had recently.

So, there are usually coupon codes floating around, and my local CC is right nearby so if I'm not exchanging something going to a store to return things isn't a big deal for me. With so many options (both straight, plus, and petite sizes) I think I'll definitely stick with them. I mean, their outlet prices can't be beat (just don't look at the regular prices...that's a little painful). And as far as the fit goes, I can work into their regular or plus sizes, so it's like double the options. :)

Ok, I'm done now. Have you all ever shopped with Coldwater Creek?

*-Coldwater Creek did not pay/bribe/mind control me write any of these things. I just spent some money with them and had a very pleasant experience that I thought was worth sharing.

Happy Wednesday!

Cardigan: Target
Striped tee: Gap
Jeans: Calvin Klein Jeans
Necklace, bracelets: Ann Taylor Loft
Heels: Corso Como via ShoeMall
Red scarf: Affordable Scarves

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Ariana said...

Thanks for the heads up! They have a ton of great stuff in their outlet...payday tomorrow :D

Linda said...

I've never shopped there but good to know they are nice!

K said...

Ariana-No problem! Let me know what you get if you decide on something :)

Linda-I'm always looking for retail therapy :) I'm just happy they have such a selection.