Thursday, February 10, 2011

the proof is in the sweater (and I could really use some pudding)

(I'm a sucker for a red lip stain. This is Revlon's Just Bitten stain in "Gothic")
 Good afternoon everyone,

After yesterday's yacking about Coldwater Creek I figured today would be a good day to actually wear one of my purchases. Say hello to my nice new comfy soft sweater. A sweater with strategically placed holes. Which I wore in 30 degree weather. Sometimes I wonder how I make it through each day. But at least it looks good. Right? Right. And it's always hot in my office. Yes, that is my excuse...

I also wore my nice new ASOS coat (it makes me feel like I should be on a safari). This is the first ASOS piece that I actually like enough to wear :) It came with this nifty brown double tie belt, and let me tell you that belt caused me to be an extra 10 minutes late to work. If I were really going on a safari this coat would make me get eaten by a lion or something. Whoever thought looping a belt through a coat twice was a good idea is an asshole. Or maybe I'm the ass. I'll get back to you all on that one.

Work is driving me a little batty so I should get back to it. Happy Thursday!
Sweater: Coldwater Creek ($21, January 2011)
Gray tank which provides zero warmth: Kohl's
Brown pants: Gap ($41.65, August 2010)
Coat: ASOS Curve ($50, January 2011)
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft via Ebay
Boots: Audrey Brooke via DSW (2008?)

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ThriftyMomma said...

Love that sweater and the color compliments you so well. That Asos coat is fantastic. I can see how it would be irritating to try and loop it twice but the results are chic and very trendy...

Sarah R said...

Oh mylanta. I love that coat and the sweater. I think we're shopping twins. I like just about everything you wear!

Lesa said...

Such a pretty sweater, I love the color, also love the title of your post!

Joy said...

I like the sweater and the color is great on you, but I LOVE that coat!! it's unique and super flattering!

Missy said...

I love that coat, too! What Joy said!

K said...

Thanks Thrifty! I actually wore the coat thinking I would only have to put it on and off twice (getting to work and then leaving) but I ended up at Target trying stuff on (of course). You should have seen me fiddling with that darn belt. I ended up just throwing it my purse. :)

Sarah-Thank you! I'm glad to hear it. This would work better if we were geographically closer :)

Lesa-Thanks! I have a stock of pudding in my work fridge just for these occasions :)

Joy-Thanks! It's still available on their site but the price went way up for some reason. I'm glad you like it :)

Missy-Thank you!