Tuesday, February 1, 2011

stripes and animals, oh my :)

Good afternoon everyone,

Last night I just couldn't figure out what to wear. I had clothing lying around all willy-nilly T.J. Maxx style and I just couldn't come up with an acceptable combination. Then I remembered Kimberly's inspiration calendar and after looking at today's idea, stripes with an animal print, I decided on this combo. This top is from Michael Kor's plus size line and I find it to be very inconsistent size-wise when compared to the other items. I've bought tops from the brand in the past and they've run very large all throughout. Today's top is actually a little snug in the hips and short in length, but it's nothing a tank top can't deal with. It also helps that I didn't pay a cent for the top (I had $25 in MyShape credit from my coworker signing up). Do you all have any tricks for making a shirt look longer? 

This area might get a lot of ice/snow tonight and tomorrow so I may not have a reason to get dressed tomorrow. If that's the case, happy Tuesday-Wednesday! If not, I'll see you all in a bit :)

Leopard top: Michal Kor's via MyShape (free w/credit, January 2011)
Black tank: Old Navy
Glen plaid pants: NY & Co (2010)
Blue suede shoes: Jessica Simpson via T.J. Maxx ($40, January 2011)
Ring: Marc & Pearl (2008?)
Earrings: Etsy "HandMadeshoppe" ($8, January 2011)

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Missy said...

I can never find pants to fit properly at NY&Co, so kudos to you! I love those earrings, btw.

Linda said...

Very cute. I love the whole outfit!

Joy said...

VERY nice outfit!! I've been known to use a tank top to make a shirt longer, too.

K said...

Missy-I'm not sure you're missing anything from NY & Co. Right after I wrote this post the pants split about 5 inches down the inside thigh seam. This was my first time wearing them (I have two pairs). They weren't even tight!

Linda-Thank you! I really wanted to add a turquoise tank under the shirt (instead of black) but I sort of like how it all went together.

Joy-Thank you! I feel like I own too many tanks tops just for this purpose :) I hope your new job is treating you well so far!

Iris said...

I love this outfit the whole thing is awesome especially the subtle pattern mixing!