Saturday, February 26, 2011

surprise weekend post!

Good afternoon everyone,

I decided to do a Saturday post, mostly so I could nag you all about entering the contest one more time! And I wanted to show off tucking my jeans (jean leggings, actually) into boots. I know it isn't anything crazy or revolutionary, but when you have a hard time fitting boots over your calves in the first place, stuffing jeans in them seems like a huge achievement. Oh, and I got my hair done on Thursday. It's more of a dark brown without the red hue this time, and I really like it :)

The main reason I got dressed today was to go out to lunch with D. We planned on going to P.F. Chang's and then hitting our local Borders. It's hard for me to see so many Borders closing. I worked at Waldenbooks (now known as Borders Express or some crap like that) all throughout college, so by extension Borders had a soft spot in my heart. But then again I never shop or support Borders anymore because they're so expensive, and I love our local library system.

In the end we didn't end up making it over to Borders because I took a fall in P.F. Chang's. Between the elevator spill and today's minor catastrophe I'm a little worried about my equilibrium. I mean, the floor was slippery, but it was like I was walking like a normal bipedal and then *bam* I slipped and fell directly on my elbow and knees. Everyone was immediately asking if I was alright, which I was, and D had to basically pick me up off the floor and help me out. So embarrassing! And clearly my boots are flat, so I can't blame it on heels. Maybe I should practice walking more often.

Happy Saturday to you all, and stay tuned for Monday's winner!

Tunic: Macy's
Jeggings: Ann Taylor Loft
Boots: Steve Madden via 6pm

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Natalie said...

EEEEEP on your fall!! I'm pretty clumsy, so I feel you on the walking :)

Congrats though on tucking your jeans! I struggle with my calves and boots, so I can imagine what an accomplishment it is :)