Thursday, March 31, 2011

nothing comes to mind...

Good afternoon ladies (and not ladies),

We all know how some days are good, and others are less-than-good. And folks, I'm in the less-than-good time period right now. I've been wearing some great recent purchases, but I just don't feel like setting up the tripod and sharing my mug with the internet as of late. So you get some stock photos of what I've been wearing.

What I wore yesterday, with a purple cardi, a turquoise necklace, and bronze flats:
(credit-this is my Ideeli invite)  
 Dress: Donna Ricco via Ideeli ($39, March 2011)

And this necklace is the best part of today's lackluster ensemble-a blue striped tee and brown pinstripe pants:
Whale necklace: ModCloth ($15, March 2011)

We're almost to Friday!

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Sarah R said...

K...hope you're doing ok. And we all like to see you! Maybe tomorrow. xoxoxo

Lesa said...

K...I'm feeling the same way, nothing wrong with me, just lazy.

K said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts Sarah. I'm taking it a day at at time (and sometimes those days just aren't photo friendly). :)

Lesa-I'm lazy too. I thought I'd take photos after work but by the time I get home I really don't want to take a picture heh.