Wednesday, March 23, 2011

spring weather isn't here yet...

(Why yes, I do randomly disrobe while standing in the backyard)

Hi all,

A lot of the bloggers seem to be showing off their bare legs (and sometimes sandals) but we're getting more cold weather in the MD area. *sigh* I can't lie; I'm a bit envious. Maybe tomorrow I'll be daring (or stupid, seeing as I'm still getting over a cold) and go with bare legs regardless of the weather. 

Speaking of weather (common, but so easy!) D and I booked our tickets for our week long vacation in FL! I can't tell you all how incredibly excited we are. It's all thanks to my dad ending up in the ER a couple months ago. You see, my parents haven't been on a proper vacation together in many years. And when my dad got sick, they both got to thinking about how much they'd like to take a vacation together before they're too old to enjoy one (their exact words, not mine). But, my parents have a cat (well, she used to be my cat) and she's incredibly needy. So needy that they've actually canceled plans and gone home early just because they were worried about the cat's mental well-being. So what would they do about the cat? They couldn't leave her for a whole week by herself. Enter the boy and I, and our offer to cat-sit for a week while they travel up the coast. It's perfect! A beautiful house, a pool, a jacuzzi, no 91 year old grandmother nagging, and a week to ourselves. It's hard for me to imagine. In fact, I think it's going to be our first proper vacation together.

I just hope we don't forget to feed the cat :)

(Apparently the flower pot was telling me something very serious)

(and then the flower pot told a joke.)

Happy Wednesday!

Jacket: Faith 21
Floral shirt: Ann Taylor Outlet
Black pants: Ann Taylor
Gray shoes: DSW
Gray tank: Old Navy

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