Tuesday, April 12, 2011

maxi-fun time

Good afternoon everyone,

Full disclosure: This is not what I wore today. Also, it's a dark and dreary Tuesday. These shots are from Sunday, when the weather was nicer and work was still 12 hours away. *sigh* You know what else? It's a maternity maxi. And the only babies I'm making are of the food variety. Man, I'm just full of honesty today (and uh, sorry)!

The cardi is one of the new ones I bought from Ann Taylor Loft that I mentioned last week. I wore it around all day on Sunday (even after the maxi dress shots) and I'm happy to say it's quite comfy. Then again it's hard to go wrong with a cardigan.

How's your week going? D leaves for Georgia tomorrow (he gets back next week) and I'll be sad to see him go. Maybe it will give me a chance to catch up on missed television (I'm still on the 3rd season of 30 Rock).

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Yellow cardi: Ann Taylor Loft ($29, April 2011)
Maxi dress: Target ($30, March 2010)
Brown tank: Old Navy (I forget)
Sandals: Target ($15? I forget, 2010)
Necklace: Target ($10.48, October 2010)

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Vanessa said...

I love the pinks with the yellow! It's so springlike. It demands that spring arrive!

Linda said...

Love the dress. All my maxi dresses are solid colors. I need some cute florals!

Brittney said...

that print is absolutely beautiful. and it screams of springtime! so win-win.
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Lesa said...

It sounds like you have been working so hard lately you deserve a splurge! I love the food baby reference. I've got one of those going too, and I love your maxi, may have to go to Target and take a look.I actually just bought my first one at TJ MAXX, I was hesitant because I am short-5'3" and all those fashion mags say that they are a don't for me. Too bad, I liked the way it looked, so it is mine!

K said...

Thank you Vanessa! I think spring has gone back into hibernation for this week (at least around these parts).

Linda-Thanks :) I've seen some cute patterned ones at Target, and Lane Bryant had one that I really wanted but it sold out too quickly :(

Brittney-Thank you! :)

Lesa-I feel like every time I sit down to write a post I mention work, being busy, or being sick. But yes, a splurge was had :) As for the fashion mags, hell, what do they know. I'm glad you bought it. I would wager quite a bit that you look fabulous in your long dress, and I'll be looking for it on your blog :)

Linda said...

I'm not going to lie. Sometimes I am tempted to pick up something from the maternity section of Target. It's right next to the women's section and I often wander over there, see something I like, and THEN realize it is maternity. Ah well.
I love the pink/purple florals with the yellow cardigan.
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