Tuesday, April 5, 2011

yesterday, today, but not tomorrow...


Good afternoon strangers,

Sorry I was gone for so long. I took photos for yesterday's outfit but I never got around to putting them up. I'm not too happy with how the outfit turned out, but I was up most of Sunday night with my grandmother because she didn't feel well, so I didn't really care about how I looked once I finally make it to work on Monday.
(See what I mean? Ugh Monday was bad)
 So how was everyone's weekend? Other than the sick grandma mine was pretty good. I told her to get better timing and save her sick nights for Saturdays so we can both recover on Sunday. :) Saturday I got through most of my laundry and made a trip to The Container Store for some hanging closet bags (damn moths) and I'm slowly going through my winter wardrobe. I love that we have actual seasons up here, but I hate trying to find places to store the out-of-season clothes. Between the rubbermaids and the closet space it could take up an extra room! Well, not really, but coats can get pretty bulky, you know?

Anyway,  yesterday no one needed a coat because we were at 85 degrees! Then of course today it's back to rain and cold. I can't wait for our FL trip; hopefully it will be constant reliable sun :)

Happy Tuesday!

(Monday's outfit)
Black long cardigan: Coldwater Creek ($18.50, January 2011)
Bird "dress": Macy's ($20, March 2011)
Black pants: Ann Taylor ($16, November 2010)
Red flats: Endless ($18, March 2011)
Long necklace: Ann Taylor Loft ($7, June 2010)

(Tuesday's outfit)
Striped cardi: Faith 21 ($23, March 2011)
Coral top: Ann Taylor Loft (ages ago)
Brown pants: NY & Co (ages ago)
Leopard shoes: Piperlime ($27, February 2011)

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Lesa said...

I love the second outfit and the leopard shoes. You get such great deal on pretty clothes, wish we lived close so we could shop together!

K said...

Thank you Lesa! It would be nice if we were a bit closer I am visiting your area in about a month though! :) Tell the weather to be awesome for me, yes?

Iris said...

I love the pink pop of color with the black and white, plus the leopard is fantastic! I have to immediately combine leopard and stripes!