Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hark, an update!

Good afternoon everyone,

I'm not normally one for following trends (at least when it comes to food) so a place like Georgetown Cupcakes has never caught my eye. There's always a long line, their flagship store is on TLC, and that just makes it too much of a clusterf*ck for me to worry about going. But last week my friend suggested getting some dessert there, and it was my other friend's birthday the next day (and her favorite cupcakery) so I thought "eh, I'll try it and worst case-get some birthday cupcakes for the friend." 

Amazeballs. That's what the cupcakes are. I'm totally a convert. It took everything in me not to eat my friend's birthday cupcakes. Fortunately their nearest location is still a decent drive away, so I'll still be visiting my local (not famous) cupcake place. :)

How about today's outfit?

Top: Nordstrom ($45, April 2011)
Skirt: Ann Taylor Outlet (2009)
Shoes: Kohl's ($30, April 2011)
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft ($10?, 2009)
Bracelet: NY & Co ($6, October 2009)

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Ariana said...

Very cute! You look great in the outfit, and love your hair color!

Lesa said...

Cupcakes are my favorite things. There is a place very close to me that has cupcakes that I can eat until I am sick (weight watchers, weight watchers...)

Your shoes are so pretty and I love the fuller denim skirt.

Linda said...

I love that skirt. Great outfit!

Sarah R said...

Add me in on the skirt love. It's flattering, long enough, and a great color. I'd definitely steal it from you. And your hair looks great, too!

K said...

Thank you Ariana!

Lesa-I didn't know cupcakes were ok on the weight watchers plan (although I'm pretty oblivious when it comes to WW in general) but I'm glad you can enjoy them! I love those shoes too but man are they uncomfortable...

Linda-Thank you!

Sarah-Thanks! I think my hair has gotten lighter as time has passed (it's been almost a month since I got it done) and I really do like how it looks now. But I think I'm going to go back to being blonde soon anyway :)