Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a little white lie

Hi all,

I know it doesn't really matter, but this isn't what I'm wearing today. In fact, I didn't even plan on going in to work. However, I couldn't handle missing out on the floral edition of Everybody, Everywhere so this floral dress is what I wore one day during our vacation. We were at the Sawgrass Mall (it used to be the largest shopping mall in America, I think) and I insisted on taking pictures by the tacky overpriced Rainforest Cafe. I guess their prices make up for how much they paid to have small robot animals everywhere. I think I ate there once when I was a kid and thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Everything is from Target (except the jewelry)

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Missy said...

That dress is super cute!

Kirstin Marie said...

Pretty dress, it looks great on you!! :)


Meagan said...

I love your sandals!

K said...

Thank you Meagan!