Friday, May 27, 2011

my love for ebay is unending...

Good afternoon everyone,

This post was supposed to go up yesterday but I fell asleep around 7 last night and didn't wake up until Friday. I feel well rested for once!

Anyway, do you all use ebay? I've been using it on and off for about 5 years now and while the "newness" has worn off, I still get surprised about some of the great deals to be found. I mean, where else could I find a Lane Bryant shirt for $1.25? Awesome!

How cute are the nail studs on the back of these shoes? Ugh speaking of shoes I need to go through my shoe collection. I went through my shoe stacks this morning. Success! I keep saying that for every X pair I buy I need to donate/sell X pairs (x=the amount bought). I think I have a back log at this point :)

I took a vacation day today and I'm in the midst of cleaning. Hopefully it will be a nice relaxing long weekend. What do you all have planned? 

Happy Thursday Friday!

Striped top: Lane Bryant via Ebay ($1.25, May 2011)
Yellow tank: Old Navy
Brown pants: NY & Co ($20, October 2009)
Brown sandals: 6pm ($40, May 2011)
Necklace: Jewelmint via Groupon
Earrings: Etsy

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Lesa said...

I LOVE that top, i shop ebay, but never find a deal that cute!

Sarah R said...

I love that top also. I would have bought that!

whenlifehandsyouapear said...

Great top, and what a deal!

I think I love the idea of eBay, but I have a hard time finding things that fit correctly in stores, so I'm scared to even attempt clothes shopping from eBay.