Wednesday, June 8, 2011

busy worker bee...

Good afternoon everyone,

I thought I'd take a cupcake break and give today's update. It's hot as ever so I dressed for comfort. I even said "screw belting it" because that's just another piece of fabric to deal with. Actually I lied-these shoes are terribly uncomfortable. But not in the "ugh I'm roasting" sense. They just feel like you're walking on concrete with zero give and bendability. But they're cute, right? Riiiight. I parked right next to my building (I would have parked in my building if I could have) and crabstepped my way to my office, where I promptly stuffed them under my desk. Do you all stash your uncomfortable/cute shoes during the day while you're at work?

Moving on to a more comfortable subject-cupcakes. Always cupcakes. These were waiting for me this morning courtesy of the best boyfriend around. And let's be honest, it was my breakfast and lunch. Because they really are that good. I ate some apples to even out the crap food intake, but really? I don't care. At least not today. :)

Happy damn-it's-only-Wednesday!

Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft ($21, May 2011)
Dress: Target ($20, July 2010)
Yellow tank: Ashley Stewart ($6, June 2011)
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft via Ebay ($7, September 2010)
Necklace: Gifted
Earrings: Stella & Dot via Ebay ($35, June 2010)

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Jessica said...

Love this color combo! Super cute.

Aww...sweetest boyfriend e-v-e-r! Where do I find one of those?

Sarah R said...

I own that same dress, and would not have thought to pair it up with those colors. I always end up with red. Thanks for the idea to steal!

Natalie said...

How sweet was that note and the cupcakes?? :)

This is one of my faves of your dresses. So jealous!

Lesa said...

Cupcakes are my favorite food groups.

K said...

Thanks Jessica! He actually found me (online dating for the win!) Then I made him move up here :)

Sarah-No problem! I can't wait to see how you style it :)

Thanks Natalie! My coworker actually has the same dress and I secretly hope we'll wear it at the same time.

Lesa-Agreed. Cupcakes and bread...Now I'm hungry :)