Monday, July 11, 2011

about these last 7 days...

Long time no see! I've been having some hair issues for the past week, and it's gotten me so down that I couldn't force myself to take pictures. Apparently the highlights over processed my hair, which has resulted in it being completely unmanageable after I wash it. On top of it feeling disgusting, the only way it looks decent is when it's straightened, and I was told to stay away from anything heat-related when it comes to my hair. Ugh when I wear it down it's just a frizzy nappy mess! Have any of you ever dealt with over processed hair? Should I start sleeping with a showercap of mayo or olive oil? At this point I'm deep conditioning every other time I wash, and when I don't I'm using super hydrating shampoos and conditioners. *sigh*

How about some better news? This dress is new (well, I bought it a few weeks ago) and I absolutely love it. The shoes are also new (part of my huuuuuuuuge Talbots purchase, which I'll talk about another time), and while we're on it, the bag is new too! I saw it at Macy's and exclaimed that "elephants are the new peacocks and I love them both!" And peacocks are the new owls, and I predict that we shall see elephants everywhere over the next few months. Or maybe just here. Either way D went back into Macy's and bought Ms. Elephant Bag for me as part of our 4 year anniversary that's right around the corner. 4 years ya'll. He's good stuff :)

So hopefully I'll be around with a picture tomorrow. It's Everybody Everywear Yellow Day!

Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft ($21, May 2011)
Dress: Lane Bryant ($17 w/Real Woman Dollars!, June 2011)
Shoes: Talbots ($26.39, June 2011)

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Ariana said...

Sorry about your hair :) love the dress though, it's got such a pretty neckline!

Judy C said...

I'm also sorry about your hair. But the outfit, including the bag, is dynamite. Beautiful.

whenlifehandsyouapear said...

Love the bag! Your whole 'elephants are the new peacocks' thing made me chuckle.

What a bummer about your hair. Seriously, the stuff we go through to look nice...sheesh. Did you check with (and then smack around repeatedly) your hair stylist?

K said...

Ariana-Thanks! I love how the stones have so many colors. The cardigan match-ups will be endless!

Judy-Thank you! Hopefully the clothes will balance out the bad hair days :)

WLHYAP-I didn't even know I liked elephants until I saw this bag. We'll have to wait and see if they become a big trend. I have checked in with my stylist. I was hoping for some sort of miracle instant fix, which of course doesn't exist. She gave me some super conditioner, but it's so darn expensive!

Lesa said...

Lovin that bag! I've overprocessed my own hair, and finally had to break down and go to a salon where they fixed it. I now spend the money to go every 5 weeks, it is expensive but it makes a huge difference.