Thursday, October 20, 2011

a summer dress in cooler weather

Before I broke my leg made a few orders with Talbots during their Red Hanger sale. Talbots is completely new to me. I always lumped it with places like Chico's-more for the mature older woman. But in the last year or two Talbots has revamped their style and I'm loving waaay too many things. So when they had their extra 50% off Red Hanger sale I decided to try them out. I bought this dress in both colors (navy stripe and the brown stripe pictured here), and then in a solid dark green and a solid navy. You all know I'm a sucker for a dress with pockets :) And at $30, it was a steal! During the summer I had planned to wear it with metallic sandals and a light belt, but since I missed out on that I decided to wear it with boots and a heavier belt instead. Good thing I have these boots in 3 colors (yes, I have issues).

I hope you all have a lovely Thursday!

Dress: Talbots
Cardigan: Target
Belt: Coldwater Creek
Long necklace: Torrid
Short  necklace: Ann Taylor Loft
Bracelet & earrings: Grandmother
Boots: White Mountain via Piperlime

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Ariana said...

I have the same dress! I like how you belted it, I'll need to try it with a cardigan over it! I wasn't sure how to wear it this winter, thanks for the inspiration!

GiddyUpGirlz said...

Hey There! Thanks for stopping by. It's funny I was actually thinking about you the other day and wondering how in the world you're doing! Your an inspiration! Having the troubles you've had and yet you are still so well pulled together and fab as always:) I am in LOVE with that striped dress! and the print of the blue/blk is amazing! You go GIRLS!!!!! will be checking back more often now that I'm feeling better!

whenlifehandsyouapear said...

Hee hee, you totally remind me of myself buying multiples! What a fantastic dress! I would have done the exact same thing!

K said...

Ariana-I can't wait to see how you style it :) I think we have a lot of the same clothing, which is kind of awesome!

Giddy-That is too nice of you to say. Wearing a dress is the easiest option for me right now, but it also makes me feel a little better. I figure if people are going to stare at whatever is wrong with me I might as well look good while they're looking :)I'm glad you're feeling better!

Pear-I actually just had the "buying multiples" convo with my coworker, and they now think I'm crazy. Then again I buy a shoe in every color (if it fits) and I have a dress that I bought two of (same color) because I loved it so much. You never know when it might come in handy!