Monday, November 14, 2011

fall colors

 Good morning everyone,

Moving is such a hassle! We're finally unpacked and we're slowly trying to arrange everything. I didn't think it would be that hard to go from a large house to a small condo, but I underestimated my feelings on the matter (and the size of my wardrobe, hah). For some background (and an attempt to justify having too much stuff) I lived with my grandmother for 5 years. In that time I was fortunate enough to experience a steady stream of income and plenty of space to stash things. In our condo there is no stashing space :) Not that I'm complaining. Hopefully I will successfully whittle down my wardrobe to the things that I love and I'll sell/donate/ebay the rest. This should only take a couple of years :) 

So until my closet is more organized I've just been pulling out simple clothing. Of course I haven't really been documenting what I've been wearing for the past two weeks. I'll try to jump back on the blog wagon soon :)

Did you all have a good weekend? We had a big day Saturday. First we went to Ikea (neither of us had ever been) and that was probably a mistake for someone recovering from a broken leg. I was completely exhausted by the time we made our way out of the store. I didn't think it was so big! It was like a freakin' museum. Then after Ikea we met up with my newly married best friend and her husband in Baltimore for a nice dinner. She got married in Tampa (we used to live near one another in south Florida) and I had to give up my maid of honor duties because of everything that's happened over the past few months. So this was the first time I had seen her since she got married. She's living in PA with her husband, and this is the closest we've been since we lived together in college. I've gotta admit I'm pretty excited.

On that note, happy Monday everyone!

Orange shirt: Talbots
Plaid pants: Target
Necklace: Talbots
Flats: DSW
Earrings: Grandmother
Watch: La Mer via Urban Outfitters

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whenlifehandsyouapear said...

Ah, that first trip to IKEA is monumental, and completely overwhelming, isn't it? I have such a love/hate relationship with that place.

Your pumpkin colored top is such a great color on you and perfect for this time of year.

GiddyUpGirlz said...

I think it amazing you can wear those shoes. Pointed toe and all...with a recovering leg wow! Love that Shirt, great color. Hope if you sell on ebay you let us readers know. I have a feeling I will be shopping :)