Friday, November 18, 2011

no meeting for me

Well, so much for that big meeting today. Last night I felt an awful head cold coming on and after getting very little sleep last night I woke up this morning feeling like my throat was on fire and my head was about to explode. I think it's just a cold but we all know what a hassle a simple cold can be.

So anyway, I went in this morning to hand out some papers and tell my superiors I would be leaving to get back in bed. Fortunately most of my meeting work was done behind the scenes so I didn't really need to be present the whole time. Plus my coworkers are a little weird about sick people coming to work (and with good reason I suppose; who wants to spread germs) so they let me go home. Thank goodness for awesome coworkers eh?

This weekend we're hoping to put together our last piece of Ikea furniture (I'm very bad at that type of thing) and if my taste buds are working we might drive up to Frederick to get some barbeque food. But right now I'm focused on chicken soup and cough drops. Glamorous eh?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Purple cardi: Ann Taylor Loft
Dress: Lane Bryant
Boots: Steve Madden via 6pm
Earrings: Etsy

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