Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Everybody, Everywhere: Sequins & Sparkles

To me, festive holiday clothing=sequins (or sparkles. The shinier the better). I was thinking about doing a holiday themed clothes week for the rest of the week (and maybe next week if I'm feeling craaaazy) but I came to the sad realization that I only own three shirts with sequins. And there was no way I was wearing a tank top considering it was 25 degrees when I clonked out of the house. So I went with this "it looks like a tank but there's a sweater involved" one piece I bought in Florida many moons ago. You can't really see the sequins, but I promise the front is decked out in sequin glory.

Another good reason for sequins-it's Everybody Everywhere shiny sparkle day. Click here to see how the other fabulous ladies styled their holiday frocks.

Oh, and how do you like my half garland-ed tree? I told you it was bad! I found some green garland at Target and bought some hooks, so hopefully we'll finish decorating it tonight.

Happy Tuesday!

Top: Nordstrom Rack
Pants: Old Navy
Red flats: Nine West Outlet
Necklace: JewelMint

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tiny dancer said...

Lovely EBEW submission - I love that you added to the sparkle by posing by your Christmas tree! Fabulous!


Cathy said...
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