Thursday, January 5, 2012

chilly cheetah

It's a little embarrassing for me to admit, but I kinda dove off the deep end with Talbots. Recently they had a promotion that if you bought 3 sale items you got 60% off each item. Then I had an additional code that got me another 40% off. Add free shipping and they really got me. So I bought this beautiful cheetah dress for under $30 (originally 169!). It's still available here (but it's a little more expensive now).

Are you all shopped out from the holidays or are you finding good specials? I'm trying to reign in my spending (again, hah). Happy Thursday!

Cardigan: TJ Maxx
Dress: Talbots
Necklace: Talbots
Boots: Nordstrom Rack
Coat: Old Navy

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Sarah R said...

For under $30, I would have bought it, too. Don't blame you one bit.