Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a very Talbots Tuesday

Good afternoon everyone,

I got back from FL on Saturday and I took Monday off so I could catch up on everything I missed over the past week. The weather in FL was sunny and clear every day. It rained once, but I was taking a nap :) The weather here is in the 60's today so I decided to go bare-legged and show off my new Coach flats.

So let me take a moment to honor these shoes. They were a whopping 80% off at my mom's local DSW. I feel like they were molded just for my feet! And I couldn't say no to the shiny black patent color. So for $30 a pair of Coach flats became mine! We did some other shopping as well (too much, but it all fit in my suitcase for the return flight) and I got some great buys at the Talbots outlet and Ross. The south Florida Ross stores have such a huge selection of plus sizes! I dragged my mom to every location near her :) I got a Jones NY dress for $13 (originally $144), another for $40 (which I might return), and 2 dresses that were featured on Ideeli recently (both under $30). My mom kept asking why I needed so many dresses. Need, haha! She's funny.

I also want to mention that I sat out in the sun for 45 minutes and I'm now peeling. I went for a pedicure/eyebrow wax (in FL) and the woman was asking where I lived. When I told her up north she said "No wonder you're so pale! So see-through!" Lovely, right?

So how was your week? Are you ready for February? I'm not, but it's barreling towards us at a slightly alarming rate.

Happy Tuesday!

Floral top, skirt, necklace: Talbots
Flats: Coach via DSW
Red belt: NY & Co ($2.99!)

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