Monday, February 20, 2012

eloquii dress haul and review

Good morning everyone,

Seeing as most people have off today I dressed on the casual side and I am making zero attempts at taking an outfit photo today. So to make up for it I thought I'd do a review of my recent Eloquii order. Eloquii is The Limited brand's answer to plus-size clothing. I've ordered a few things in the past (see this review) and their sizing has been hit or miss for me. So of course I was thrilled when they had a huge sale on their dresses (all the dresses were $48 and I got an extra 30% off). I took the opportunity to try out a lot of styles that I've been eyeing, and I'm still surprised at what I liked and what's going back. Feel free to give me your honest criticisms and opinions. I'd appreciate it!

So, on a scale of 1-10 I would give this dress a 7. I love the color blocking trend, and I especially enjoy that it's all neutral colors. However, I know that this dress is going to wrinkle like crazy, and I would say the bottom ran a little bit small. I can walk and sit in it comfortably, but I won't be doing any ballerina moves in it. Also, I wish they would have included the belt (especially if I had paid full price for it). However, I did end up ordering the belt separately during their half off everything sale on Friday.
Decision: Keeper

I liked this dress more than I thought I would. I gave it an 8/10. The fabric is very smooth but not overly shiny, and the lining is nice as well. I wish it were a little longer in the back (I'm well-endowed in the rear) so I would be self-conscious bending over. However, I sit at a desk all day. So bending over (along with those ballerina moves) aren't really part of my everyday life. Plus I think it will look great with something over it, turning it into a skirt.
Decision: Keeper

 I had high hopes for this dress. You know I love houndstooth. However, I gave it a 5/10 due to sizing. It was huge and billowy up top (especially in the back), and the bottom was too big as well. The fabric was also very thin on the bottom, and it gaped uncomfortable whenever I moved. I also hoped the fabric line would be a little lower on my waist. And while we're at it I also wish the shoulders were a little longer, but I'll wear a cardi with it.
Decision: Returned and reordered for a smaller size (yeah, I'm a sucker for the houndstooth)

 This dress didn't even make it into the pictures, that's how fast I packaged it for a return. 2/10 points for this one. It was too short and looked completely shapeless on me, even with a belt. I'm sad about it because I've been wanting a cozy sweater cowl dress all season long. The only redeeming factor was that it was super soft. So if you're short maybe you could rock it. But it came up a good 4 inches above my knee (I'm 5'9), and that's just not something I would be comfortable wearing to work.
Decision: Return

Dress 5: Black Sheath Dress (no longer available)

I can't decide on points for this one, so we'll stay close to the middle and give it a 6/10. I thought the fabric would be a little less stiff, and the belt is so limp and unstructured it's laughable. But the belt can easily be switched out, and I really don't have a plain black dress to wear to corporate functions or funerals (such an optimist, I am). I also knew going into it that I would not have the same lovely curves as the model, but do note that it is not fitted on the bottom like it is in the picture.
Decision: Keeper

Dress 6: Pleated Box Dress (no longer available)

This was my favorite dress going into the order. I couldn't wait to try this one on. And I like it-8/10. It's extremely light, which will be nice in the warmer months. I love the cowl neck on top. A reviewer on the site mentioned that the top is sheer, but I didn't seem to have that issue. As you can see, the yellow color isn't quite as bright as pictured. It's more of a lime green than a yellow. Again the belt is totally limp, and I had hoped the waist wouldn't hit that high but I think a thicker belt will balance things out.
Decision: Keeper

This was my surprise winner. 10/10! Right length, different colors, super cute print...Ok, let me try an actual review now. I hate strapless dresses. Love the idea, but hate the execution on me. However, this print is adorable and at the sale price I couldn't resist. I just figured I would try it on and send it right back. When I got it out of the bag I noticed it came with removable black straps (not mentioned in the description), and when I put it on I fell in love. I'll always wear a cardigan or blazer over it, and I think it looks fabulous with my old knit black blazer. And for a strapless dress it does have some support in the top along with some rubberized band thing that helps prevent spillage. But like I said, for my purposes I will always be wearing something over it. Now D needs to take me out on a nice dinner date :)

So which dress is your favorite? And have any of you bought anything from Eloquii?

Happy Monday!

**This review was brought to you courtesy of my 9-5 corporate drone job. I was not given any incentives or gifts to write this entry.

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Sherre said...

LOVE the pleated box dress on you.

Lynn W said...

I really like the printed striped dress and the strapless (or not) print dress.

GiddyUpGirlz said...

Love the yellow checked dress...all of them look really good though...great job shopping!

K said...

Thanks! They were such a steal. At least that's how I'm rationalizing it. Eloquii clothing at full price is laughable (too expensive) but they have some great sales. I'm looking forward to getting some wear out of them :)