Tuesday, February 14, 2012

hearts to everybody, everywhere

Good lunch time everyone,

I just typed up a wonderful post, complete with humor and sarcasm and it read like an epic poem. Then blogger deleted it. *shakes fist* Now all I can remember is the Everybody, Everywhere part. I can't believe we're already pairing red and pink in honor of V-day. I've got to admit I was not excited about the color palette but after all is said and done I actually like today's outfit. I may have to get some more pink going in my wardrobe :) Go here to see how the other ladies styled their hearts on their sleeves.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Black cardi: T.J. Maxx
Pink top, red skirt, necklace: Talbot's
Flats: Coach via DSW

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Cathy said...

Your necklace is a treasure, eh. Love the skirt and top together with the black cardi. Lovely!

Cathy@Hearty Nurse Uniforms this Heart Month