Thursday, February 2, 2012

swirly dress

Hi all,

Today's dress is another one of my Florida finds. Today I wanted a no-fuss easy outfit, and I immediately thought of this new purchase. About a month ago I saw this dress on Ideeli, but I had previously bought a dress by the same designer and I had to go up 2 sizes, so I didn't want to buy it online and have the same problem (not to mention paying $10 for shipping. Ugh Ideeli, don't get me started). When I saw it in Florida I knew I had to at least try it on. And guess what-it's a size smaller than I normally get! I really hate how inconsistent and wonky sizing can be these days. But anyway, the dress was less expensive and I got to see it in-person, so win win for me!

Do you all have better luck shopping when you're traveling? I'm convinced I only have better luck because I have to stuff everything into a suitcase (or two, thanks SouthWest) on my way back.

D had to dress "up" for work today ("up" meaning no jeans), and he kindly let me turn the camera on him. Doesn't he look spiffy? My man is mixing colors and patterns (brown/black and the different stripes on the shirt/pants). I approve :)

Happy Thursday!

On me:
Dress: Ross
Boots: Nordstrom Rack
Necklace: Stella & Dot via Craigslist
Jacket: Coldwater Creek

On D:
Jacket and pants: Old Navy
Shirt: Macy's, I think
Shoes: Michael Kors via 6pm

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Natalie said...

I find it funny that we both used the word swirly in the past two days!!!

You both look great. Ross is awesome for dresses! Glad you had such god luck shopping in FL!

Natalie said...

Oh! I'm an idiot! I wrote swingy in my blog, not swirly!! DOH.