Wednesday, February 8, 2012

teal with patterns

(This is my bewildered "look at the temp ugh stupid snow" shot)
 Good evening everyone,

I was not feeling fashionable or photo friendly today. I never feel quite like myself when my hair is pulled back. Does that seem unreasonable? In middle school I never wore my hair up. There was a group of boys that called me "goofy" because they said my ears stuck out too much. Why were they so focused on my ears, anyway? Ears aside, I just think having my hair pulled back this tight isn't very flattering. But since I have such curly hair I can't just pull it up after a day of wearing it curly. I have to wash it and then pull it back, resulting in this harsher look. TMI? Probably. Still with me? Hello? I'm going to go buy a wig....

(Way harsh Tai!)
Happy Wednesday night!

Teal cardi: Ann Taylor Loft
Black cowl: Coldwater Creek
Patterned skirt: Michael Kors via Ebay
Boots: Nordstrom Rack
Necklace: Target 

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