Tuesday, March 20, 2012

pop of spring

Hi all,

I've been anxious to wear this necklace so I decided to keep the clothes plain and let the jewelry speak for itself. It's a kate spade piece that I got from a newsletter (I've bought stuff from the same seller on ebay) and although it was a little pricier than what I normally pay for costume jewelry I think it's worth it (it was around $50, if you're curious). Now if only they had it in silver with some different shades of blue. 

This plain black dress came from Syms right before they went out of business. It's funny, I passed that store every day on my way to work downtown and now I work very close to it, but I never knew it was a clothing store. Their big sign said something like "an informed customer is the best customer" or something like that. I thought they were a data logistics group or something. Too bad I found out about them a week before they all closed! Actually, good for my wallet :)

Are there any defunct stores you enjoyed shopping? I was never a huge fan of Filene's Basement (they owned Syms, I think) but I'm still mourning the closure of our local World Market. 

Happy Tuesday!

Dress: Tianni B. via Syms
Flats: Kohl's
Necklace: Kate Spade
Earrings: Grandma
Belt: NY & Co

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Sarah R said...

I love your entire outfit. I admit, I probably would have balked at $50 for costume jewelry, but it does offer that "pop" you're looking for, so I guess it was money well spent!