Friday, March 16, 2012

a road to straighter teeth

 Hi all,

I felt a bit overwhelmed yesterday when I was trying to find an outfit for today. I wanted something comfortable because I thought I was going to be running errands, light because the weather is abnormally hot for this time of year, and something that worked for my 9-5 and a dinner out. Apparently I get stuck when all of these things come in to play. To then take a photo of what I'm wearing and blog about it makes all of the decision making harder. So in the end I tossed all of my options and went with jeans. To be honest, I almost broke out my puma sneakers. You know it's a shitty day when I'm wearing sneakers (or a day that my leg is bothering me).

Possibly related, I think my lack of eating is causing me to get a bit irritable. I started my Invisalign journey on Monday of this week and the no snacking no soda combination is really turning my world on top of itself. If you don't know, Invisalign is an alternative to braces. It's a series of molds for your top and bottom teeth that in the end, will straighten them like braces. Except you can't see them. I've been wanting to straighten my teeth for years (yes I had braces, no I didn't wear my retainer enough) and when I saw a Groupon for a local orthodontist I decided to have a consultation. 1.5 years later my teeth are behind plastic molds. You're supposed to leave them in for 22/24 hours of the day, and I find myself paying much more attention to the amount of time it takes me to eat a sandwich and drink a soda during lunch. And of course you have to take the molds out before you eat, shovel food in your mouth, then brush your teeth and clean the molds after you eat. So I'm down to one soda per day (if that) and no snacking. Any time I think of eating something I think "is it worth it to take out "my teeth" for this?" Usually it's not worth it. Especially when I'm at work and I get to brush my teeth while folks are going to the bathroom. Gross, yes. If my waistline starts shrinking perhaps I'll see this in a different light. For now I'm chugging water and anxiously looking forward to dinner. Oh the perils of vanity.

Have you all had any experience with Invisalign? 

Let's end this on a good note. I love this bag to death. 40% off sale plus an extra 30% off at Eloquii a few weeks ago. Winner!

Happy finally Friday!

Purple cardi: Nordstrom Rack
Dotted tank: Eloquii
Jeans: Levi's via T.J. Maxx
Flats: Frye via DSW
Necklace: Target
Earrings: Ann Taylor Loft
Bag: Eloquii
Annoyed Expression: Invisalign

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Dustin said...

Your teeth, like the rest of you, are lovely as they are. Still, I'm happy you'll feel better!

Linda said...

My husband has braces and he's lost some weight due to hating how the food feels stuck in his braces.
Love your purple cardigan.