Friday, May 11, 2012

high-low hems

Good evening,

How was your week? I'm ready to relax for a little while this weekend. In fact I didn't even bother doing my hair this morning because I decided to sleep in later and just throw it up in a bun. Then I picked a patterned dress that I figured would distract people from looking at my hair. :) 

When I first notice the whole high/low hem trend I figured that would be one that I passed up, but when I saw this dress for $20 I couldn't resist. Turns out it's quite comfortable, but I did feel a little "loud" walking up and down the halls throughout the day. And I kept referring to the back as my "lizard tail", which I'm sure impressed my coworker/friend, haha. I think I'll pick a neutral shoe next time and add a belt :)

Happy finally Friday!

Dress: Ideeli
Necklace: Ebay
Bracelet: Stella & Dot
Shoes: Nine West Fascinate via 6pm

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Gosia B. said...

You look great. Beautiful dress.

Sorry for my English.

Jackie said...

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