Tuesday, May 8, 2012

nautical or nice

What a crazy week! As I write this my parents are back in south Florida and we are recovering from a few very busy days. D and I took off from work on Friday and we visited the VA side of Great Falls. Saturday I went to a Kentucky Derby themed party (no I did not wear a hat, and no pics either). Then Sunday I did a lot of walking (walking=shopping) with my mom and my leg/hip has been sore and in pain ever since. Then last night we went to a wonderful seafood restaurant since it was the last night in town for my parents. We also hosted our first dinner (we cooked and everything!) in our apartment and we got all of the new furniture assembled. It looks wonderful! I even managed to sell my papasan couch (aka mamasan) on craigslist. So all in all a very productive week! Of course that does mean fewer photos. I did manage to get one today once we got home. I had a short break between work and going out to celebrate a friend's birthday and I didn't want to miss out on Everybody, Everywhere's Nautical month. :) It's pure coincidence that I wore stripes today but I think this passes as nautical.

(my parents who did not match their outfits on purpose, I swear)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Cardi: T.J. Maxx
Pink top: Gap
Striped skirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Sandals: Payless
Necklace and earrings: Kohl's

At Great Falls:
Shirt: Lane Bryant
Crops: Coldwater Creek
Sneakers: Puma
Purse: Piperlime

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CurvyEveryday said...

I'm sorry your parents are adorable. You look great.

K said...

Haha thank you! To be honest they match more often than not :) Thank you for stopping by!

Sarah R said...

My parents match all the time too! My husband and I *never* match; because I refuse to wear camo. LOL!

Catherine Baleda said...

Love the skirt and the cardi.:)