Thursday, June 14, 2012

new igigi dress

Good evening everyone,

Tonight D and I had plans to go out for a happy hour with some of his coworkers but we ended up working late instead. So I wore this fancy dress for a looong office day :) Oh well! This is my first non-ebay Igigi purchase (meaning I spent way too much via their online retail store) but when it went on sale and was the only one remaining I splurged. It's incredibly well-made (fully lined!) and I love the way it fits but even on sale it was a big purchase. So it might have to go into my rotation at least once a week :)

I hope you all had a fantastic Thursday!

Dress: Igigi
Tank: Old Navy
Flats: Coach via DSW
Necklace: Target
Earrings: Coldwater Creek

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Gosia B. said...

this dress is very pretty and you look in it sweet :)

Sarah R said...

My goodness, that is gorgeous. I can see why you splurged on it.

Linda said...

Adorable dress. I love the colors.