Friday, August 31, 2012

hello again!

 Hi everyone,

I figured I would drop by and share a recent outfit with you all. We took some friends out for a birthday dinner last weekend and I decided to dress up, heels and all. And in an effort to change the way I would wear this dress to work I left out the modesty tank top. These are crazy times I'm living, I know.


In all seriousness we had a lovely time at dinner and taking these photos made me miss posting on here. I'm slowly settling into new routines and we'll see if and where I can fit the blog back into the puzzle.

I hope you all are doing well!

Dress: Kiyonna ($20 from an awesome LJ sale years ago)
Heels: Seychelles (these are actually very comfortable, even if I did wear flats for the walking portion of our trip)
Necklace: Now defunct Mark & Pearl
Egyptian Cuff Bracelet: Art museum when I worked in another lifetime

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Sarah R said...

You look great. How's school going?

K said...

School is going great! It officially starts next week :) I had a couple orientations to go to and everyone seems very nice and friendly. Thank you for asking :)