Friday, August 31, 2012

hello again!

 Hi everyone,

I figured I would drop by and share a recent outfit with you all. We took some friends out for a birthday dinner last weekend and I decided to dress up, heels and all. And in an effort to change the way I would wear this dress to work I left out the modesty tank top. These are crazy times I'm living, I know.


In all seriousness we had a lovely time at dinner and taking these photos made me miss posting on here. I'm slowly settling into new routines and we'll see if and where I can fit the blog back into the puzzle.

I hope you all are doing well!

Dress: Kiyonna ($20 from an awesome LJ sale years ago)
Heels: Seychelles (these are actually very comfortable, even if I did wear flats for the walking portion of our trip)
Necklace: Now defunct Mark & Pearl
Egyptian Cuff Bracelet: Art museum when I worked in another lifetime

Thursday, August 2, 2012

i'm still around

Hi all,

Sorry for my unplanned absence. During the past few weeks my life has been a bit hectic.

Last week marked 1 year since my grandmother passed away, which of course also meant it's been a year since I broke my leg. My whole family has been a bit down, myself included, and I've just been trying to quietly deal with my emotions.

In better news I applied to graduate school and I just found out that I've been accepted. So I'll start as a part-time student at the end of this month. I'll continue working full-time and I'm a bit nervous about balancing my work/school/home life. So wish me luck! 

Yesterday I went on campus for some academic advising, and they told me to go ahead and get my student ID card. After being pointed to the right path I got lost 3 times and managed to get a sunburn just for being outside for 30 minutes. At least I now know where the bookstore, a starbucks, and the physical science building are located (the last of which I will probably never see again, hah).

As far as all of this affecting the blog...well I'm torn about what to do. For now I'm going to put the blog on hold and try to get used to my new routines. Perhaps I'll eat my words next week and start taking photos again. Or maybe I'll just take a month off. Like I said-I'm undecided. Regardless I still plan to continue looking at all of your blogs because they're still a constant source of inspiration, especially on days when getting out of bed seems like an insurmountable task.

So this is a farewell for now, but I hope to be back sooner or later.